Hello,<BR>I&#039m trying to edit code that apparently is capturing the session ID. When I check the source code, I get something like this:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="/logoff.asp-ASP=JBDFAOPCHJAGPGLMGMCHIABJ?homepage=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww%2Ewhaler%2Ecom"&#062;&#060;img src="http://webnf1.chnet.com/images/lib_home.gif"<BR><BR>In the code for all the pages I need to edit, the<BR><BR>&#060;img src="http://webnf1.chnet.com/images/lib_home.gif" remains constant.<BR><BR>What should be in the code to link to the session ID?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!<BR><BR>CH