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    fl1rt Guest

    Default Memory and CPU usage - HELP!

    There seems to be a common problem finding decent documentation for system resources exceeded which prevents ASP pages and databases from working and eventually crashing the system.<BR>(this is a relatively new system)<BR><BR>Having had a good look and monitored my win 2000 server Task Manager, I have noticed that dllhost.exe peaks periodically every minute with 100% CPU usage and then drops down back to less than 5% for a minute and then back up again a minute later. <BR>What is causing this ?<BR><BR>When the CPU shoots to 100%, the Memory Usage increases and is not recovered, eventually the system dies, forcing a reboot every day.<BR><BR>The fact that the CPU graph is comprised of a constant pattern of peaks and troughs suggest that this is not a leakage from a script such as not closing a database or something and indicates a possible scheduled program or something.<BR><BR>HELP<BR>any thoughts ?<BR><BR>Would installing a memory manager prgram like the following help ?<BR><BR>* TaskInfo2000<BR>* MemTurbo<BR>* MemoKit<BR>

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    Default inetinfo.exe problems

    couple of months ago, i had a problem with pws, i would execute a query and inetinfo.exe will take up 100 % processing time and machine would hang.<BR><BR>problem was with the query, i was creating a enormous recordset,<BR>and once i rewrote the query, to create small recordset, my asp file has not given any problem.<BR><BR>in fact, performs better.<BR><BR>if i was you, i would check queries.

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default RE: inetinfo.exe problems

    I don&#039t want to appear as though I am faultless but I would say that my code is pretty slick! ;)<BR>Given that I have so many scripts running, it would be a logistical nightmare to trace everyone one from scratch. However, I may consider closing whole sites for a period to monitor if their presence is upsetting the balance.<BR><BR>Also, the fact that the CPU usage graph peaks and troughs over a period of time at virtually identical periods (about 30 to 45 secs for each shift from max to min) suggests some type of scheduled system event ?<BR><BR>Could it be external products such as a mailer (iMail) ?<BR><BR>Would instally a memory manager for memory recovery on the server be a worthwhile solution (bodge) and which ones come recommended for win 2000 server ?<BR><BR>What is the most effecient way to trace a system resources leak ?<BR>...surely not trial and error ?

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    Default Debugging

    Sounds like a tough one, this is a link to a comprehensive debugging document.<BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default RE: Debugging

    thanks.<BR><BR>I think I will do the trial and error thing and kill complete sites and monitor the effects closely and hopefully eliminate scripts and applications rather than spend weeks at source level going through one at a time.

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    wldjr Guest

    Default RE: Memory and CPU usage - HELP!

    Unfortunately I don&#039;t have a good answer but would like to let you know you are not alone. I have been fighting the same or very similar problem for a long time now, currently I have a scheduled "kill dllhost.exe" set to run twice a day to keep from doing a complete reboot. <BR>I am having the same memory creep you mentioned and I have spent weeks rummaging through my code, making sure any ADODB connections were closed and set to nothing.<BR>Could this be a sign of a limitation with access?<BR>I come back if and when I ever figure this out...<BR>til then good luck...

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    Sean Guest

    Default Errant code is the likely culprit

    I have had this exact circumstance with dllhost.exe. For some reason, IIS 5 completely crashes when it encounters an endless loop in ASP -- i.e. even when you stop web services, the process keeps running. I noticed that this did not happen in IIS 4. Before you install any management software, check your event logs, looking for the last page requested before the crash occurred. Scour the code on the page, looking for any possible infinite loops, like While/Do loops where the condition is never met, or For loops where the counter variable somehow gets changed within the loop.

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