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    How can I insert Javascript attributes into an &#060;A href&#062; tag that is inside of a VBScript String? For example, I am building my web pages dynamically from a database. I am looping through the recordset to build each page. When I build my links to pages, I want the target of the links to be "New," but I want to control the size of the new window. Example: &#060;% strOutput = strOutput & " &#060;a href = &#039 123.asp&#039 target=&#039new&#039&#062; .......... %&#062; Is there a way to control the "New" window size using HTML, or is Javascript the only way to do it? Thanks. <BR>

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    Default window size only specificable via JS...

    ...and the function. At least so far as I know!<BR><BR>Why is this a problem?<BR><BR>Oh! I just re-read your msg.<BR><BR>Ah...<BR><BR>So how about doing this:<BR><BR>Open the window, using a specific name, and *then* let the HREF target the same window.<BR><BR>I have done this with forms, in order to pass the info invisibly. (That is, using METHOD=POST.)<BR><BR>

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    you could just open the new page as normal but then do your resize in this new page...<BR><BR>Just at the top of the target page, adjust the width and height of your page in the code...this should sort it..<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Carl.

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