This is code from CDONTS email, and I was wondering if there is a way to center the headings (Tagnumber, Description, Quantity, Units, Unit Cost) over the items in the next part -- without using html coding (what if addressee&#039s email doesn&#039t support html?)<BR><BR>If not rs2.eof then <BR> strMsg=strMsg&"RFQ ID:"&rs2("rfqid")&chr(10)&vbnewline<BR> &#039strMsg="Tagnumber Description Quantity Units Unit Cost"&vbnewline<BR><BR>do while not rs2.eof<BR> strMsg=strMsg&rs2("tagnumber")&chr(9)<BR> strMsg=strMsg&rs2("equipmentdesc")&chr(9)<BR> strMsg=strMsg&rs2("quan")&chr(9)<BR> strMsg=strMsg&rs2("units")&chr(9)<BR> strMsg=strMsg&FormatCurrency(rs2("unitprice"), 2)&vbnewline<BR> rs2.movenext <BR>loop<BR>end if<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in Advance!