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    Hello,<BR>I have made a .shtml with includes but have switched it over to ASP so i can use mySQL database and global.asa, etc.<BR><BR>However once i have done this, the included files can be updated, such as a text file of news, and it doesnt get updated on my asp page until I re-upload the asp page. Why is this? is the code different from the standard &#060;!--#include virtual="top.asp" --&#062; ???<BR><BR>Please Help,<BR><BR>Ash

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    Let me begin answering by asking a question....<BR><BR>So what you&#039re saying is that the .shtml file updates itself in the client browser when changes are made to any include file that it uses?<BR><BR>This is not the case is .asp. You&#039ll have to manually refresh the page, or set up some kind of counter to refresh every 5 min, or whatever. I&#039m assuming that .shtml holds the connection (to the client browser) open in such a way that it can pass the changes to the client browser.<BR><BR>When it comes down to it, .asp is nothing more then a way of dynamically (programmatically) determining what HTML to send to the browser and a way of handling some &#060;form&#062; inputs on the server side. Connect serveral of these bits of HTML together to make an application. (Okay, okay, I purposely used a glib interpretation. You get the point, though?)<BR><BR>A short, Micro$oft version of the answer: "Its by design."

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