Include myfile.pdf in ASP page <-- is it poss

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Thread: Include myfile.pdf in ASP page <-- is it poss

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    Default Include myfile.pdf in ASP page <-- is it poss

    What I want to do is:<BR><BR>Display Company Banner at the top and display a pdf file under the banner. &#060;-- I can&#039t use frame for some reason(Boss don&#039t like frame)<BR>Can I do it? Thanks!!

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    Default RE: Include myfile.pdf in ASP page <-- is it

    It may be possible.<BR><BR>You would have to manually instantiate the Adobe ActiveX Reader component in that page and load the pdf. I don&#039t know how, but this should be possible. (You&#039ll need to find out what the object id (clsid) is for the component and what params it takes.)<BR><BR>Other than that, I don&#039t see a way. The file is handled by an ActiveX component in conjunction w/ the web browser. When the browser detects a file it knows how to handle (.txt,.gif,.jpg,.pdf) it opens the file as the top document. Try a link to a .txt, or a .jpg. It should be opened, by itself in the browser. (Use an anchor &#060;a href="mypic.jpg"&#062;Click here&#060;/a&#062; not an image tag &#060;img src=mypic.jpg&#062; ) <BR><BR>You&#039d have to do some work to render a text file within the body of an HTML page (read it in some how). HTML provides a native way for images (the &#060;img&#062; tag). For .pdf you have to try to render the file using the ActiveX component, instead of using the browser&#039s default behavior (load it as the top document, using the ActiveX).<BR>

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    Default possible, but hard! Thank you very much!!!<eo


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