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    I asked the question earlier on how to automatically enter a date into a db when posting a form from an ASP page.(I actually asked twice and got in trouble for crossposting...Sorry &#039bout that.) The answer I receive was thorough but did not specifically help in my situation.<BR>I am using MS InterDev, so I don&#039t have to make all the connections and recordsets through coding. So, I can&#039t follow your instructions due to this. I think I would start where you said &#039sql="Insert into my...." <BR>So, if my Table is call IPP and the field is called Date, and my date variable is called myDate; how would I do this insert verbatim? Thanks once again for your help.<BR>

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    dim myDate <BR>myDate = Date<BR><BR>Note: Here the date function just return the system date. Check out the vbscript language reference to find out the function which suits your need<BR><BR>Now to insert the date value automatically into the sql<BR><BR>sql="Insert into IPP where Date =&#039"&myDate "&#039<BR><BR>hope this will help you and give some idea

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