Hi<BR><BR>Im a student in Sweden, and my teacher gave the class free hand to make a exam project, me and a classmate desided to make a (simple) search engine. A search engine that searches in other searchengines, and presents the results on our pages. Like for example metacrawler.com and many others.<BR>As we have no clue how to do that, we ofcourse got our books and so, but cant find anything about it. I have just now, spent many many hours online searching for tutorials or free code that could explain it to us, or just give us a kick in the right direction.<BR>But as times goes it seems like this is a VERY difficult case, so I thought i would post a message here and see if we could get any answers, tips, tricks.<BR>I hope you guys could give us some answers, even if it is very difficult etc, so we can rethink and change to another project.<BR>Thank you in advance, <BR>Jesper , SWEDEN<BR>jesper.back@nackademin.nacka.se<BR>icq:# 26579060 (base)