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    Shailaza Guest

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    Hello Experts..<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me the difference between the ASP and Coldfusion and which is the best..<BR><BR>C Ya<BR>Shailaza

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    Capnfunky Guest

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    ASP is the combination of scripting languages and HTML where as Cold Fusion is ...<BR>Cold Fusion is a subset of SGML which is Standard General Markup Language. Basically Cold Fusion uses query statements and a language called 4GL to produce the same results.<BR><BR>I can&#039t really tell you if CFML is better than ASP but when programming go with your strengths.<BR><BR>Drawbacks of CFML would be that it is probably not going to be XML compliant and is reliant on 4GL language.<BR><BR>ASP is relatively easy to learn and has a pretty broad scope.<BR><BR>That&#039s all I can tell you.<BR>Hope that helps!<BR>Capn

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    &nbsp;<BR> Hi<BR><BR> I am working in both the environments.But I can&#039t really<BR> tell which one is the best.But CF is going to be XML complaint.<BR> now ASP is catching up very fast as all the new technologies<BR> in web are implemented in ASP. Cost does matter for ASP you need<BR> only IIS but for CF you need CFStudio,CFServer and a Web server.<BR><BR> Market is also good for ASP.I don&#039t know abt CF.<BR><BR> How is CF market in US?<BR><BR> Arvind.

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    Hema S Guest

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    Well this is my personal experience with CF from the programmer&#039s point of view :<BR>CF is quite simplified as its a tag-based language. I first started on CF, then moved on to Asp. With CF I sort of lost touch with programming (conventional programming) as everything is simplified to tags. This can be looked upon as convenient or otherwise depending on the person. As for me, I found it was taking control out of my hands as everything was readily available as tags. Asp is also quite simple..its one of the most well documented languages..lots of resources are available. The ultimate choice is upto the programmer..what are the system specifications. Other than that Asp is free, CF charges a fee.<BR>hth,<BR>Hema

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    Kyle Wilson Guest

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    A company I used to work for had their entire public website based on ColdFusion and it was a nightmare. There was only one person that knew the language it was poorly documented and it didn&#039t handle the traffic we were getting very well.<BR><BR>Admittedly it was implemented poorly as every page had the .cfm extension causing cold fusion to work even on non-database dependent pages. I began working on an intranet using Asp because it was my strongpoint. While building the site I recieved a lot of criticism about ASP and the scalability of it and there was considerable concern about the costs involved. IIS is free whereas I believe we paid upwards of $10,000 for all the cold fusion crap. Can you tell I&#039m biased? <BR><BR>In the end I was able to build a better more stable site train 3 people on it&#039s maintenance prior to resigning and it didn&#039t cost the company a cent above my normal salary. In our implementation cold fusion was running on top of IIS... I don&#039t know if that&#039s normal, but it seems stupid to me to add an additional layer when IIS can do the same database work that cold fusion does.

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