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    Vivian Kreig Guest

    Default Email Problem: Is there limit to length of Recipie

    The application sends emails to all users or system administrators. I tested the code below sending to system administrators which is a much smaller list and it worked fine. Now we are sending email to all users ( a much longer list) and it&#039s not working. Is there any limit that you know of for the Recipient list (this is the line in the code below: objEMail.To=strToDistList).<BR><BR>Thanks for your help,<BR>Vivian Kreig<BR><BR>set objRS=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR><B R>strSQL= svme_aspGetEmailAddresses <BR>objRS.Open strSQL,STRCONNECT<BR><BR>&#039 12/14/00 - Build Distribution List separated by semicolons<BR>Dim strToDistList<BR>strToDistList=""<BR>do until objRS.EOF<BR> strToDistList= strToDistList & cstr(trim(objRS.Fields(0).Value)) & ";"<BR>objRS.MoveNext<BR>loop<BR>objRS.Close<B R> <BR>objEMail.From=strEmailAddress<BR>objEMail.Subj ect=cstr(Request("TxtSubject"))<BR>objEMail.Body=c str(Request("TxtMessage"))<BR>objEMail.To=strToDis tList<BR>objEMail.Send()<BR> <BR>Set objEMail = Nothing

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    Vivian Kreig Guest

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    It turns out that there were some invalid email addresses in the list of names. I ended up instantiating the mail object in a loop and sending one mail message to each recipient rather than one mail message to many recipients. We had one email address with a space in it and I think this was the cause of our problem...the SMTP mail program did not know how to deal with this address.

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