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    I DON&#039T want to refresh the page to see new thread here.<BR><BR>Can you do this for all of us?<BR><BR>IF *I STAY IN NORMAL PAGE* THEN<BR>--&#062; REFRESH PAGE EVERY 30 SEC(TOO SHORT? 60 SEC)<BR>ELSE *I AM POSTING NEW THREAD*<BR>--&#062; STOP REFRESH PAGE<BR>END IF<BR>

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    Waste of time and resources<BR><BR>first of all you dont need an ELSE or and IF for that matter to refreh the page every 1 min<BR><BR>secondly every 60 sec even though i am scrolling down the page it will get refreshed...dosent make any sence doing that does it<BR><BR>more importantly you will have more hits to the server as in the load will increase again would make no sence<BR><BR>why are you so lazy anyway huh :) excercise your fingers and click the link or refresh button

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    Default I agree Ak


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    Default j/k

    But where is the *F5* in my keyboard? j/k :)

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