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    Raleigh Guest

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    I&#039m testing dynamic data, bringing data in from a form -checking each variable for data and if present assigning it a session variable - How can this be done - My way isnt&#039t working - Is there an alternative solution??<BR><BR> For each item in Request.Form<BR> Uquant = Request.Form("add" & T)<BR> If (Uquant &#062; "") AND (Uquant &#062; "0") Then <BR> Uquant = Session("Sel" & T)<BR> Response.write Session("sel"& T)<BR> End if<BR>T=T+1<BR>Next

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    Raleigh Guest

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    Nevermind fellas - Stupid mistake - finally saw it - I had my session vars being set last<BR><BR>Uquant = Session <BR>instead of Session() =Uquant

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