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    Well, I am researching and needing and wanting to learn about ASP and database use on web sites. Now, I have found many resources for asp and such, but everyone is already ahead of me. <BR>Can someone just give me a brief description of how asp works with html, and db files and all of the commonents needed? Or at least give me somewhere to start!?!?!? <BR>PS, I am pretty prolific with HTML and designing great pages, just not the active side, yet, so don&#039t spare me the HTML info....<BR>Thanks.<BR>Liam

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    It&#039s a matter of reading web pages and decifering it all really. I&#039m self taught it took me about 2 months to get my head around it, but I feel I know a fair amount now!<BR><BR>ASP is processed at server, and makes it all HTML nice.<BR><BR>ASP code is encased in &#060;% and %&#062;<BR><BR>So a simple ASP thingumy would be<BR><BR>The Time is: &#060;% Now() %&#062;<BR><BR>When the server is poked for the web page, it returns the script, on the way back it passes through the IIS, which scans the page for ASP. When it finds it, it runs the code. &#060;% Now() %&#062;.<BR><BR>So it would look like<BR><BR>The Time is: 15/12/99 12:12:23<BR><BR>Quick example :)<BR><BR>Paul

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    Rodney Guest

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    I am in the same boat you are in. I am a fairly good webmaster but I don&#039t know if ASP is its own scripting language or is made with other scripting language. I have been searching the net for two days and have not found the answer to my question. This seems to be the only question that has prevented me from starting. If you get your question answered or know the answer to mine please e-mail me at<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>Rodney D. Henson

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    harish hariharan Guest

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    Hi..,<BR> I am also like you. I started into ASP three weeks back. <BR><BR> I really want to share the knowledge with you. ASP is basically meant for Server side scripting. HTML and DHTML are all client side scripting. Here all the processing like client side validation,graphics,handling errors are all handled by the browsers. So to decrease the burden on the client, we move certain coding in server. so server will take care certain important functions. <BR><BR>HTML is basically static web publishing. we can have fixed text, graphics in the form. But to have the dynamic nature of the site and that too with server side scripting. ASP comes in to picture. <BR>for asp, the latest version, what we are working need a PWS(WIN95 AND WIN98) IIS4.0 (RUNS IN WINDOWSNT SERVER), IE,NETSCAPE,<BR>a IDE(development env like Visual interdev6.0, a powerful tool for ASP), frontpage98,allires homesite or notpad(simple one is n it!!!)<BR>for database, you can use ms access,sqlserver. <BR><BR><BR>Basically for severside scripting, we can use either VBscript or Jscript. VBscript is more simple, since its executed in the servers side, no ned to worry about netscape&#039s support for VBscript. Client side scripting Jscript will be good. Both IE and netscape supports. <BR>THe book i can refer u is Wrox publications, a red bood<BR>its Active server pages2.0 beggining.<BR>its very good for introduction and a case study is very cool<BR>you can say u r little master in ASP.<BR>If u have any doubts,send mail to<BR> <BR>i will try to help u and enrich my knowledge also. it will be helpful bothways<BR>Harish H <BR>

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