What does * mean?

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    SteveW Guest

    Default What does * mean?

    As in, for example, if strQuery &#060;&#062; "*" <BR><BR>Thanks!<BR> <BR><BR>

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    it is simple means yor_varible not equal to *(staric) because it is hardcoded.<BR><BR>

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    SteveW Guest

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    Er... Sory the last bit eludes me... staric... etc

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    He means it&#039s a string literal - that the character *, which sometimes means "any number of characters in a pattern match" DOESN&#039T mean that in this context.<BR><BR>So where the "*" in this would match -all- fields in a database table:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Employees<BR><BR>The asterisk here means only an asterisk - no more no less.<BR>strVAR &#060;&#062; "*" <BR><BR>

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