We have a web-site running on an IIS4 (ASP). The web-site uses a virtual directory to access files via a fileshare residing on a fileserver. Users’ are allowed to upload files and delete files through a web browser. The files that are uploaded are jpg/jpeg’s that does not exceed 15 KB in size. The idea is that users can upload their employee photo in this web application, and other users are allowed to view all employee photos through a search module.<BR>The SQL system stored procedure xp_cmdshell (on SQL server 7), are used to save, find and delete files directly on the file area that is accessed through the virtual directory.<BR><BR>The problem is that we receive an error message when running the stored procedure: “The Process Cannot Access the File Because It Is Being Used by Another Process”. It seems that the “virtual directory”-process on the IIS holds the file for a while before it is released and ready to be used by other processes. Because of this error, users’ cannot delete, or save files (using the same file name as an existing file).<BR><BR>Is there any workaround to this problem?<BR><BR>Article Q238644 describes s similar problem, but as we have understood, Q238644 is only relevant for upload to MS FTP server (together with IIS) and hence does not answer our question. <BR><BR>Regards, <BR>JPS