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    jinni Guest

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    Hi y&#039all,<BR><BR>we have a table in a database that holds articles for our website. There is an ntext field holding the article, and a datetime field holding its date of entry. Problem is we&#039re based in the UK, where datetime format is dd/mm/yyyy, but SQL Server thinks datetime should be mm/dd/yyyy. So date such as 9th of January becomes 1st of September! Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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    Joey Guest

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    The default date/time format on SQL Server is US.<BR><BR>To change it to UK, place this at the top of your .asp<BR><BR>&#060;%Session.LCID = 2057%&#062;<BR><BR>That will change the default to dd/mm/yy<BR><BR>Best of British!!

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