A little problem with sessions?????

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Thread: A little problem with sessions?????

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    Nikhil Shanbhag Guest

    Default A little problem with sessions?????

    I&#039m havin a problem with logging out a user if he closes that instance of his browser.If i open another browser instance within the session time out period with the same login name it tells me that my session is still going on.What i have done is that i&#039ve set up a flag in the DB which changes on session start and session end and lets the user login correspondingly.Could I get some help????

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    Ian MCCullough Guest

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    This is happenning because Sessions are tied to a cookie which is stored for the entire client machine and not specific to one window. Although its kind of a hack, you can write a javascript for the page&#039s onClose event that loads another page that calls Session.abandon and then uses javascript to close itself. But this approach will fail if they kill the browser process and in several other cases.

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    Nikhil Shanbhag Guest

    Default RE: isint there any other way out?????

    hey Ian.... <BR>isint there ayy other way i can abandon the session on closing the browser instance ?????<BR>there must be something we can do????<BR>

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