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    Jon Guest

    Default Retrieve Id & Password

    I&#039m using Windows97 and was wondering if it is possible to retrieve the UserId and Password which a person logs on to their P.C. with.<BR>Thank You.

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    Lurker Guest

    Default Windows 97 ?

    Do you mean office 97 on windows 95/98 ?

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    Jon Guest

    Default Sorry, Windows 98

    Sorry, Windows 98

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    Lurker Guest

    Default RE: Sorry, Windows 98

    I don&#039t think you can do it directly, though you may be able to create a VB component that will do the job. Are you going to keep the site on Win 98? as if you plan to move to NT/2000 with IIS, it is pronbably not worth the effort.

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    Jon Guest

    Default RE: Sorry, Windows 98

    The site will be move to NT/2000 & IIS. Is it possible to do it there?

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    Lurker Guest

    Default RE: Sorry, Windows 98

    Have a look at this article<BR><BR><BR>It gives info on how to use NT security to validate your users, which I assume is what you are after. If you are trying to capture the users name & password, I would think that that would not be possible as it is a security risk.

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