XML is a good choice for predictable info, like tables, lists, <BR>nav bars, shopping cart data, etc, but I want to make a schema <BR>so I can make a generic XML document that is good at(knows how to treat) list types, image and link (a) types etc so I can create the XML document then use XSLT to convert in easily to HTML... i&#039ve been reading up on it abit, and it seems like the xsd:all line in schemas can only treat minOccurs and maxOccurs as "1" - hence if L want to create a "paragraph" type that includes links and images in any-order I can only have one of each element in the paragraph tag .. <BR><BR>...any solutions, or is it better to use CDATA tags where html <BR>formating is too unpredicable or more where more freedom from structure is needed... ????