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    Eggy Guest

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    I&#039m working with ASP and XML and am having some trouble with obtaining the length of my my document. It loads the xml document corrcetly however when I try to obtain the length of the document for a loop it will give the the following error:<BR><BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)<BR>Object required: &#039documentElement.childNodes.length&#039<BR><BR >I have tried it using my root var. for the document element as well as assigning a var. to the childnodes as well. I have also tried not to assigning the value to a var. but that too doesn&#039t work. Can anyone help me out?

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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default RE: You need to set/select a node first..

    I think you need to select a node from the document. then you can have access to its childNodes. Some thing like the following. The following code work on my ASP. Hope this helps.<BR><BR>&#060;&#060;---- <BR>Set xmlNode = objXML.documentElement.selectSingleNode("//" & cstr(strSubNode)) <BR> Set xmlChildList = xmlNode.childNodes <BR> dim intLength <BR> intLength=cint(xmlChildList.length) <BR>--&#062;&#062;<BR>

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