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    Uryy4me Guest

    Default CDONT What the heck?

    I am trying to use CDONT to alert alphanumeric pagers through the email interface. How can I get this to work...

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    This what you need?<BR><BR>

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    uryy4me Guest

    Default Nope... Can't I do this in ASP

    I went to that site.. that&#039s not going to work..

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    Default RE: Nope... Can' I do this in ASP

    you&#039d need to have some sort of interface provided by the pager people to convert email into a pager message<BR><BR>I personally have a page whereby i can be contacted through SMS on my mobile, but that&#039s because my phone company provide the service. you&#039re looking at some serious work for this, i think<BR><BR>j

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