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    In all of my htm and asp pages I have the following Javascript:<BR><BR>Last updated: &#060;script language="JavaScript"&#062;&#060;!-- <BR>this.document.write(this.document.lastModified )<BR> // --&#062;&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>It works fine for the htm pages showing the last date and time updated. For all the asp pages the script writes "12/31/1969 16:00:00" instead of the last time update. Not a major problem but it is annoying.<BR><BR>Any thoughts or comments?

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    the content sent to the browser ISN&#039T actually the ASp file. it&#039s the output of the ASP file. an odd concept to grasp, but true nonetheless. therefore, the lastModified for your ASP script will be null and void, so you get invalid output. For ASp pages, generate the lastModified on the server.<BR><BR>j

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