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    I am using ASPMail to mail the contents of a form submission. How do i get more then one field to email to me??<BR>The code I use now is <BR>Mail.Body = Request ("name")<BR>But that is all it will allow me to request. So how do I get the rest of the form to email???<BR>

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    Do this:<BR><BR>Dim strBody<BR>strBody = "Name = " & Request("Name") & vbCrLf & "Age = " & Request("Age")<BR><BR>Mail.Body = strBody<BR><BR><BR>:-)

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    Hey Scott, you don&#039t happen to know the maximum length of that, would you? I have done about 15 lines of code strung together to form the body, but was wondering what the maximum I could get away with was!

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