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    I have a menu.html page that holds all links for my website. This page is included in many ASP pages so that I do not have to type the link information over on each page. <BR><BR>I would like to be able to do the following. On mouse over a particular link, I want the background of the link to be a different color (say red) and the text of the link to be yellow. <BR>Can I accomplish this in my html page or will I have to put this code on all my ASP pages?? Also, any ideas on how to get started? <BR><BR>Thanks your help is appreciated.

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    Default notASP

    Well,<BR><BR><BR><BR>or<BR>or<BR><BR>Basically, you want some javascript code that does what you are saying, ASP is a completely different entity in itself.<BR><BR>

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    Default CROSSPOST


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    Default RE: CROSSPOST

    stop having fits over cross posting....people need to do whatever it takes to get their messages noticed.........the world isn&#039t perfect

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    ASP is server side code. It will dead when you received them from client side. ASP can&#039t do it -- as I know.<BR><BR>You can check it from:(javascript)<BR>

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    Default Crossposting is evil!

    On occasion, I have spent 15 to 30 minutes answering a question in one forum...only to change forums and find out the question was answered 10 minutes before I started.<BR><BR>When you crosspost, you waste my time *and* the time of all the other people who have to read your post in the wrong forum.<BR><BR>I allow everyone one or two crossposts, but if anybody does it continuously, I stop answering that person. <BR><BR>Crossposting has *always* (more than 10 years now!) been considered to be bad Netiquette. So learn the rules and be polite to others and don&#039t waste our time...In other words, don&#039t crosspost.<BR><BR>

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