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    I&#039ve got a simple problem whereas I must have overlooked something. I have This:<BR><BR>resadd = Request.form ("add" & T) <BR>resremove = Request.form ("remove" & T)<BR><BR>I need to multiply these 2 variables in a loop - and<BR>resadd*resremove simply does not work. Both vars will always pass numerical values - How can I specify these as integers (I know "as integer" and int won&#039t work) Did I go about this method the wrong way???<BR><BR>

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    intresult = CInt (resadd) * CInt (resremove)

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    raleigh Guest

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    Derek:<BR><BR>Thanks for the tip - storing my result variable as you mentioned and replacing this variable in my code is yielding:<BR><BR>Type mismatch: &#039Cint&#039 Where I have:<BR><BR>intresult = CInt (resadd) * CInt (resremove) <BR><BR>

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