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    I need to add an extra row to an existing HTML table when I click on Add Row botton of the page. A blank row should be added at the lst but one position. i.e if I have total of 5 rows in a table and when I click on AddRow button I should get a blank row at the 4th row posttion. Can I do this with Java Script? Can any one explain me how?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    This is essentially impossible with any browser but MSIE.<BR><BR>*IF* you are coding for an inTRAnet and *IF* you can insist that every user use *only* MSIE, then you can investigage the "innerHTML" property in the MSIE docs.<BR><BR>If you want a solution for the inTERnet and all browsers, then your best bet is to use frames and, to add a row, completely rewrite the contents of a frame.<BR><BR>

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