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    Guys.... These cookies are making me mad.....<BR>I&#039ll ask a series of questions.<BR>I tried all the syntax available in books and websites but no use.<BR><BR>what i want is...<BR>when the user logs on for the first time i want to set a cookie on his machine so that when he logs on again he directly goes to the 4th page of my application.<BR><BR>what is happening:<BR>i set the value of the cookie items using syntax<BR>Assuming that this code is on the 4th page of application<BR>&#060;%Response.cookies("IIOD")("st ate")=variable<BR> response.cookies("IIOD")("sn")=variable%&#062;<BR> and when i request these cookie items on the same page i get the values but when i log on again there is no value..... i dont even know if it is getting stored or not.. the values are not getting stored on the computer...... what should i do<BR><BR>

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    Cookies are requested like this :<BR><BR>Dim check<BR>check = Request.Cookies("CookiesEnabled")<BR><BR>They are set like this :<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("CookiesEnabled") = "CookiesEnabled"<BR><BR>You also need to make sure that you have <BR><BR>Response.Buffer = True <BR><BR>at the top of your page AND you must set the expiry date of the cookie to some time in the future eg<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("CookiesEnabled").Expir es = Date + 365 <BR><BR>which can go immediatly after the previous response.cookies line.<BR><BR>ALSO<BR><BR>you must make sure cookies are enabled in your browser settings.

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    i was able to enable the cookies....<BR> now the big question is once i enable the cookies via the 4 the page, can i retrieve the information on the 1st page at next logon

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