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    Hello,<BR>I need in my ASP page quots to be filtered. Does somebody know how I do this? I tried a lot of stuff but it didn&#039t work.<BR>Please help me<BR><BR>Thanx<BR><BR>Bjorn

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    If you mean not allowing quote marks into your input text boxes, this should work. (the "textboxNoQuotes" would have to be changed to the name/id of your input text field).<BR><BR>&#060;Script Language="VBScript"&#062;<BR>&#060;!--<BR>Option Explicit<BR><BR>FUNCTION textboxNoQuotes_onKeypress()<BR> Dim chCharIn<BR><BR> chCharIn = Chr(Window.Event.Keycode)<BR><BR> If chCharIn = """" Or chCharIn = "&#039" Then<BR> Window.Event.Keycode = 0<BR> End If<BR>END FUNCTION<BR>--&#062;<BR>&#060;/Script&#062;<BR>

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