How can one re-sort a set of data for display when its analyized in a loop? (or Is there another feasible method)<BR><BR>Here&#039s what happens: <BR><BR>I have a loop that brings in request.form variables multiplies them times a number in a quantity DB and at the same time writes them to a final material sheet. <BR>For example - Lets say I&#039m doing a tire count: <BR><BR>(1) Cherokee comes in from Request.form and looks up the quantity "4" which (1*4) = 4 <BR>So in a material table sheet under tires: "4" is written (Tires: 4) <BR><BR>&#060;&#060;&#060;after about 5 more materials listed about your cherokee comes a bike&#062;&#062;&#062; <BR><BR>Now (1) bike comes in and looks up "2" (1*2) = 2 So Tires are written again as:(Tires: 2) <BR>How can I tally the total wheel count before they are written so I get - Tires: 6 (I&#039m not storing these values in a database they are for the session only). <BR><BR>Thanks Guys -<BR>Raleigh<BR>