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    Carlos Baez Guest

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    Hello,<BR>I want to run a ASP site accessing an Access database. I have recently read that using a DSN-Less connection I can improve the access speed to the database which I think is specially important as it is MS Access.<BR>Any experience with it?<BR>Thanks a lot!<BR>Carlos Baez

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    Ray Brogan Guest

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    Hey Carlos,<BR>DSN vs DSN-less connection is always a major issue with asp....how ever, MS access is not bad and using a DSN-less connection does speed things up a little bit, it wont do any error trapping with in access, thus, if you do get an error, any one and every one who knows programming will be able to enter into the system when a page errors out. However, with a DSN connection, the connect info is left on the server and cannot be viewed when one hits view source from thier browser. for more info on this goto 4Guys search and use keyword dsn.<BR>happy programming!<BR>Ray

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