how to send email to users with username and passw

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Thread: how to send email to users with username and passw

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    hello everyone<BR>i have to ask one question.As u see on many sites to register wih them you have to give your email address then u will get username as email address and password through email.After getting username and password you are authorized to surf that site .e.g as u go on or etc,i know about authentication and i have done that,but i have an idea that we can use jmail and cdonts and i tried to do but failed. now ,no idea,could you show me some light on this that how to code for this so user can get username and password automatically through email and that should come to my ms access db too,After that i know that how to do all coding about that.<BR>i will really appreciate your help.thanks a lot.<BR>bye<BR>

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    Search 4guysfromrolla or for "CDONTS" and you&#039ll get good articles.<BR><BR>I&#039m currently implementing the same stuff you want, but I use another component so I cannot help with the CDONTS-things.<BR><BR>Basically, my stuff works like this: User enters email and name in a FORM. My ASP-code generates a password, puts name, email, password in a table in the database. then the code sends an email with some text and the password plus emailadress and a link to a confirmation page. The user then goes to that confirmation page, fills in his/hers emailadress and the password I sent. My script then checks in the db if everything is ok and finally delete&#039s the record if it&#039s ok.<BR><BR>the reason I delete the record is that I&#039m using this stuff for a mailinglist and have no intention clogging up my temporary table with temporary passwords etc. You might have different needs, but the above is basically who *I* do it.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>/Niclas

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    Default How-to Use CDONTS (was: RE: how to send email to u

    Hi again. I skimmed through some old emails and found this link that might be useful for you:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Ciao<BR>/Niclas

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