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    Are you like me and have come across your first "System resource exceeded" ASP error and your Databases stop working ?<BR><BR>This error appears by and large when accessing a database and most users believe that their DB code is incorrect. Is it ? I thought it was at first.<BR>There isn&#039t much documentation or help available here at 4 Guys so what can the problem be ?<BR><BR>My guess, and it is a guess; is that there is a memory leak (I believe that I may have one) and after a period of time some system resource eats up all the memory leaving very little to play with, hence the errors and eventual internal server error 500.<BR><BR>Sending Cntl Alt Del to your host remotely will reveal the Task Manager that is useful in showing which processes are using memory. In my case it appears the dllhost.exe grows bigger every minute as new visitor sessions arise.<BR><BR>What causes dllhost.exe to use so much memory ?<BR><BR>I&#039ve read up a little bit on the pitfalls of multiple include files in your ASP scripts and also of unclosed DB connections. Are they both responsible for memory leakages ?<BR><BR>What is the best way to trace which piece of script is causing the leak if indeed it is script related ? (Kill the scripts?)<BR><BR>feel free to comment if you are also Memory Leaker! :)<BR>

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    I guess I am in the presence of webmasters and administrators that have excelled to the level of perfection and don&#039t experience leakages of system resources ?<BR><BR>A redirect to a few good articles would be helpful in tracking down system leaks as they are few and far between and I shall now have a read up on any applications that may be able to detect which scripts/pages consume/leak.<BR><BR>Searching for the Holy Grail appears an easier task :)

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