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    Default Creating a text file

    I had programmed a asp page such that it creates an text file on the web server on which the asp page is executed.<BR>Can I know how to create a text file from asp in the client&#039s computer, who is browsing the asp page.

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    Default You can't

    it&#039d be a security risk, as if you can create a text file, you can create nasty virus scripts.....<BR><BR>j

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    Default RE: You can't

    Atrax is right, but what you could do is create the text file on the server and display it as a link to the user who can then choose to download it.

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    Default Even then you need a 3rd partyu component

    Even after that you will need a 3rd party component like ASPUpload you download the file to te client unless you save all files with a .zip extension and tell the user to chasnge it to .txt before viewing.

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