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    I read the Article: A Text-based Search Engine<BR><BR>Was great but now I want to learn to create a more advanced search engine. I want a user to be able to search my database(MS Access) using one of three different criteria. How would I go about doing this?<BR><BR>I already created my form that asks the user to fill out one of the three choices available. The content entered goes to my search_results.asp page.<BR><BR>But I get stuck at this point.<BR>For example, I want a viewer to find the address of an employee. To do this they have to type either the last name of the employee, their phone number, or department. Can I still use the text search engine system for this? If so, how would the line of code read?<BR><BR>So far I have:<BR>sSearchResult = "SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEES WHERE lastname LIKE &#039%" & Request.Form("EmployeeLast") & "%&#039"<BR><BR>Thanks for your help. <BR>Sincerely, <BR>Maya (ASP Beginner)<BR>

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    you couold offer a drop-down so they can specify which criteria, or you could let SQL sort it out<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table WHERE (field1 LIKE &#039%criteria%&#039) OR (field2 LIKE &#039%criteria%&#039) OR (field3 LIKE &#039%criteria%&#039)<BR><BR>j

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