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    Hi,<BR> I am new to ASP.We have developed an intranet projet in ASP and want to move it to production.It has SQL Srver as the back end.I would like to specify a default page to my project,so that when ever I start my project it would display my default page and then navigate from there.<BR> Does any body have an idea of where to set it in IIS or can any body refer an article on this.<BR>Thanks in advance..<BR>pat

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    Open up the Management Console and go to the options dialog. One of the tabs has the settings for the default pages. In the list box it should read default.htm. Simply click the ADD button and type default.asp and click OK. This will add it to the list. Then highlight your entry, and click on the arrow on the left of the list box to move default.asp to the top. This tells IIS to look for your default pages in the order of the list.

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