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    I am getting an error if I try to submit a form using VBScript<BR>I use document.f.submit<BR>f is the form name<BR>i get an error saying that object doesn&#039t support this property document.f.submit<BR>document.f.submit() doesn&#039t work<BR>i have no clue why this is happpening,i&#039ve seen in a book this way of sumbitting forms using VBScript but it doesn&#039t work..<BR>plz help me out

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    No guarantees, but...<BR><BR>Since submit is actually a SUB instead of a function (no value is returned), how about:<BR><BR>Call document.f.submit<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>(I don&#039t use VBS in the browser, so it truly is a guess.)<BR><BR>(And why are you using VBS? I hope and presume this is strictly an inTRAnet application?)

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