I&#039m trying to post data from an openend second window to the original window doing the following: <BR><BR>naming the original window: <BR>&#060;body onload="javascript:window.name=&#039main&#039"&#06 2; <BR><BR>posting from the second window to the original window with: <BR><BR>&#060;form method="post" target="main" action="test.asp"&#062; <BR><BR>This does work nice but now the problem: <BR><BR>In the actual application the orginal window is also an extra <BR>opened window with 700 x 500 pixels (opened by the start-window) <BR>where all the application should run; when I now try to open a <BR>new extra window (for example to show a forumalar to post some <BR>data to the database) the formualar does not post the data to <BR>the 700 x 500 pix window, but opens an extra window ... ?? <BR><BR>Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions <BR><BR>Stefan WALTHER