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    Why do people say OLEDB connection is better than ODBC connection ? I am a starter and know only MSAccess as my back-end tool.

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    Access is still the backend, ASP is the front end.<BR><BR>in between these two, you need the data access layer.<BR><BR>Microsft uses OLEDB - if you use this directly on Microsft platforms, such as ASP, it&#039s the quickest solution. However OBDC is the &#039cross platform&#039 standard, so Microsoft added a layer on top of OLEDB, making it standard, but slowing it down a bit. The fastest way in ASP is an OLEDB connection string. <BR><BR>DSNs (data source names) use ODBC via the windows registry, so they&#039re slower still. try to use OLEBD in preference.<BR><BR>j

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