I have been using OO4O for some time now, but I now need to know<BR>how to write Client-Server Applications with OO4O. <BR><BR>Essentially, I do not care about the write-over-write problem, but I am interested in individuals not issuing two identical order numbers. In VB and Access, I could do ensure that no two order numbers would be identical by using a primary key. DAO would give a err number if two identical order numbers were issued and I could trap for it. With, OO4O, I am not getting an error message back at all. For instance, let&#039s say I have two users logged into a browser and they both get the number 1000. The first user saves this record and gets a thousand. The second user does the same thing and does not give me an error message back at all. It in fact, gives me 1001, which is something it should do. The problem I an having is that my program has a primary key, but I have not included any sequence. <BR><BR>I am a front-end programmer and I want an error, and I am not getting it by using an Err.Number or Err.Descripts statements.<BR><BR>Can someone please help?<BR><BR>&#062;&#062; Thanks, VIpul