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    I am on Windows 2000 srvr. I&#039m trying to run a batch file.<BR>Here&#039s my exact code:<BR>Set objshell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")<BR>ret = objshell.Run ("d:posmonTr_cec.bat",1,true)<BR>Response.Write "ret = " & ret & "<BR>" & vbcrlf<BR>Nothing happens. However &#039ret&#039 gets set to 1, meaning there&#039s some error, right? If I put in a wrong file name, then I get "file not found" asp error. But with the right file name nothing happens! Are there some settings in IIS 5 I need to tweek or something like that? Please help if you have any ideas.

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    I believe it&#039s a security restriction placed so that you can&#039t screw up a server from a webpage - a carelessly designed application, for example, would allow a user to enter a few lines of ASP code to call an uninstall program, or wipe a hard disk from WScript. It&#039d be a rare situation, but possible all the same.<BR><BR>j

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