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    dear experts<BR><BR>when i am retriving records or fields from DB, if there is any null value in any particular field i want replace that value with empty or what ever i requeired.<BR><BR>mysql = "select * from emp"<BR> if there is null value in any field how to find it. through record set i am finding in for loop but the loop checks each and every record it is taking too much time in execution time. here i have to writ too many if conditions. how to get it with out writing too many if conditions<BR><BR>when i display it in table it is not displaying properly.<BR>pls send it to<BR>regards<BR>rao

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    Default use IsNull(Rs("fld1")) ..

    use isnull function<BR><BR>if isnull(rs("field")) = true then<BR>&#039update record<BR>end if

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