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    I read all of the threads again. <BR><BR>I really don&#039t know what to say other than I feel foolish. <BR><BR>When I don&#039t understand something I tend to make it more complicated than it really is. Hell Bill I was the guy that was using an array without knowing it. <BR><BR>Thanks for the speed bump. <BR><BR>

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    With the chat room, you arbitrarily limited the number of users to 50. With sessions taking 20 minutes to expire, I doubt that you want to limit the number of possible logins to only 50.<BR><BR>Empty slots in arrays really don&#039t take much room (only 16 bytes each), so there&#039s no reason not to use (say) 1000 or even 10000 as the size of your array(s).<BR><BR>(10,000 array elements is only 160,000 bytes if they are empty.)<BR><BR>Of course, you could also learn how to make arrays grow as needed (see ASPFAQs and the Arrays category, as noted previously), but that&#039s probably a refinement for later.<BR><BR>

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