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    Englishman Guest

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    I have installed Drumbeat in the past - about a year and a half ago. I remember hating its limitations and deciding that writing asp code "in notepad" was a better way forward. <BR>I find myself now needing the reasons why it is limited and annoying (and its positive points). I have long since forgotten and newer versions may be better than the one I trialed. <BR>Can anyone help me with this? <BR>Cheers

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    Tom Owen - Kansas Guest

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    I have used DB2000 as well and agree with you that it is too structured, but probably has to be to accomplish what it intends. I think you have to force yourself to conform to its expecations and you will find it can do most anything. The problem I had with it is its esoteric &#039lexicon&#039. Again, once you understand &#039contracts&#039 and &#039assets&#039 I believe you will find it a productive tool. Like most 4thGL-esque development tools, considerable time should be invested to learn what it expects. I guess you would say you have to be unproductive to be productive. For creating small sites (5-10 pages) I think DB2000 is a waste of time. FP98/2000 is far more &#039quick and easy&#039, especially with its DB capabilities. For larger sites I would recommend Visual Interdev, augmented with FP. <BR><BR>DB2000 can do the trick for you though. Its attractiveness is its price when compared to Visual Studio or InterDev.

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