I am pretty new at VB and access too. I created a table that has certain fields.I have lots of information(data..like order#,first, last name,,) as a seperate text files,and i want to import those files to access, being able to connect each field to the right column or filed. <BR>The text file looks like: <BR>order=123 <BR>fname=Mike <BR>lname=Smith <BR> ... <BR> ... <BR>In access i have the table with order field, fname field..... <BR>i just need to transfer all the info from the txtfiles to ccess...i am not sure if i can do that, if so, what is the right code. <BR>Thanks in advance <BR>you can email me at ashraf_r@hotmail.com<BR>I know it has nothing to do with ASP, but it the same since ASP uses vbscript.<BR>Thank you again