Hello, <BR><BR>I just talked to a VeriSign sales rep and I was told something that sounded a little different than what I&#039ve heard from other people, and I just want the truth (and not to be ripped off). <BR><BR>I was told that I need a certificate for each server (we have 3) within the load balancing web farm (that I can understand). But I was also told that I need one for each fully qualified domain name. What we are trying to do is have http://somename.ourdomain.com and http://someothername.ourdomain.com, with the idea of only needing one certificate for that domain per server. So instead of only having to buy 3 certificates (one for each server for that domain name) for this particular domain name and load up different host names that can use this certificate we will have to buy one for each different host name too??! That&#039s what I&#039m trying to find out, has anyone ever tried to do this and is this information that I was told correct?? <BR><BR>Thanks people! <BR><BR>dave