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    I have a search form where I am retriving records from db. Then I have a count.asp page that counts the record return in the query if one record is return I want to diplay it directly on the detail page while if more than one record is returned I want to display the list of all the records which then will redirect to the detail page using querystring.....<BR>The problem is how can I count a record returned in a recordset and how can I redirect them to correct pages....<BR>please let me know I will appreciate all help.<BR>Thanks

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    You can use the Recordcount property of the Recordset object. eg<BR><BR>If rs.Recordcount = 1 Then<BR>&#039do something<BR><BR>This only works if the Cursor Location property of the Connection object is set to adUseClient, not adUseServer. Eg<BR><BR>cnn.CursorLocation = adUseClient

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