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    I applied the asp script from the "Searching" article to my web page and I am having trouble with the "strWhereClause" variable. You can find this article from this web site&#039s Search page. I&#039m not sure how to include this variable in my SQL statement.<BR><BR>This is how I&#039ve inserted the "strWhereClause" variable in my SQL statement:<BR><BR>strSearchSQL = "SELECT * FROM Policytbl WHERE &#039" & strWhereClause & "&#039 ORDER BY PolicyDescription"<BR><BR>When I send my search request to this asp page, I get all the records from my database instead of the records that meet my search request criteria. This indicates to me that my SQL statement is not working. Any suggestions?

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    response.write strSearchSQL and see what the query getting executed is

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    Don&#039t know if this will help, but its information anyway.<BR>On a search function you need to format it as follows:<BR><BR>Select fields from table where something = onefieldontable orderby something;<BR> <BR>if you follow that rule you should be fine.

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