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    DCU Guest

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    My form queries a database and if the user enters an invalid number (a number that doesn&#039t exist in the database) a generic error message will be returned. I would like to generate a specific message with instructions instead of this generic cryptic error message. I don&#039t know how to generate this specific message. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>DCU<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default rs.eof

    test for rs.eof and then dispaly whatever message you want

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    I assume you have your code something like this<BR><BR>"select * from TableName where ColumnName = whateverUserEntered", connection, 3<BR><BR>if rec.eof then<BR>&#039means there were no records...incorrect value entered<BR>&#039write your error message here<BR>else<BR>while not rec.eof<BR>&#039&#039&#039normal code<BR>wend<BR>end if<BR>

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