) One ASP file opens a window on the click of a button on its screen openwindow("Second.asp")<BR><BR>2) Second.asp has a for loop and does a lot of processing (could take 5 minutes) and flushes the results on the window. Rest of the processing is negligible.<BR><BR>3) When someone closes the second window, I would expect the control to be back in the first window as soon as the second window is closed (I&#039ve used Response.IsClientConnected() to check if the window is closed within the for loop to stop processing)<BR><BR>4) But, there is a time lag between closing of window and the Reponse.IsClientConnected to sense that the window is closed. So, it keeps executing the script on the second.asp<BR><BR>5) In the mean time (when the script in second.asp is still executing), if I happen to click the button on my first window, execution in second.asp resumes from the same point and doesn&#039t start afresh as it doesn&#039t seem to know that the client has disconnected and reconnected (due to the lag). <BR><BR>Could anyone please advise? I would be grateful if you could post the reply to the below mentioned id.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Chitra.J.Raaman<BR>JayaramanC@dnb.com< BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>