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    Hi, i think this question goes to this forum because it&#039s not a simple task to reformulate a site from scratch.<BR><BR>I think my message will be a bit long... sorry.<BR><BR>I have a regional site about culture, entertainment and recreation in my city.<BR>The site has lot&#039s of sections, too many, perhaps. They are divided in subsections: night, food, culture, entertainment, health and services.<BR><BR>I&#039ve created one table for EACH subsection (Museums, Libraries, etc), and the whole site is like this, a table for pubs, other for night houses and so on.<BR><BR>By the time i was creating the site, that was the correct way to do it (IMO), but now my site seems totally messed up (mostly for me, not for the users on the site)... it&#039s *very* difficult to create another section and, worse that this, its a nightmare if i have to create something that uses many tables, like an feature that i&#039ve created recently that displays the shows that will take place in this weekend. I have to open every single table (bars, night houses, stadiums, pubs, etc..).<BR><BR>I want to reduce the number of tables... many sections have the same data to store (name, address, phone, description, credit cards, etc), other sections have slight diffs, but i think i can put it on a separate table...<BR><BR>whats the best way to store this data using less tables as possible? I think many of you guys may have experienced this problem and the time bought a solution. I hope you can share it with me. <BR><BR>if you wish to take a look at the site, here is the url:<BR>sorry, it is in portuguese... but i think you can get a better picture of my problem if you see it.<BR><BR>BTW: i use ASP with Access 2000 tables.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time.<BR>

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    there are some useful articles on site design and redesign at

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